On March 30, 1967 the Chevrolet Experimental Department received Engineering Build Order #98168 concerning the subject of preparation of Indianapolis "500" Pace Cars. "Work to be accomplished: Experimental Department will be responsible for modifying 3 Central Office supplied vehicles incorporating L78 (375 H.P.) 396 V-8 engines 4-speed transmission combinations as outlined below:

  1. Change power train combination from 'as delivered status' to RPO L35 396 V-8 engine M40 turbo-Hydramatic incorporating 3.07 ratio positraction rear axle assembly.
  2. Engines are to be disassembled, visually checked and reassembled for Test Lab OC-10 run in (2 cycles 20 hrs.) Close attention to be given toward the high limit of production specifications, wrist pin clearances of .0003 - .0004, piston to bore clearance of .0018 - .0022 and mean to high limit bearing clearances. Push rods should be 3/8 diameter with matching guide plate. RPO L-34 Type Piston Rings and Bearings to be installed as required. RPO L-34 Camshaft, Valve Springs, etc also to be installed if directed by R.L.K.
  3. All chassis safety items such as front suspension, steering linkage, etc. are to be magnafluxed.
  4. The transmission assembly and rear axle assembly are to be torn down, qualified and reassembled.
  5. Heavy duty service metallic type brakes to be installed (if necessary) and spare shoes provided.
  6. Heavv duty service treatment to be given to items such as steering knuckles, ball studs, axle shafts, steering linkage, etc. and rear suspension if so deemed necessary by Chassis Design Engineers.
  7. Balance prop shaft and wheel & tire assemblies. Spare wheel & tire assemblies (3 sets) to be provided. Magnaflux "U" joints and companion flanges.
  8. RPO N-6l "deep tone" exhaust system to be installed as required.
  9. Base ratio power steering to be installed as required.
  10. .Heavy duty battery and largest capacity alternator assembly to be installed and complete electrical system checked out. Premium belts to be installed at all locations, namely alternator fan. etc.
  11. .Maximum cooling capacity radiator to be installed in order to minimize cooling problems.