8hspace.gif (810 bytes)The following vehicles are necessary to satisfy Chevrolet's commitments to both the '500' Festival Committee and the Indianapolis Speedway in connection with this activity.

43 Camaro Convertibles (Pace Car replicas)

3 Camaro Convertibles (Pace Cars)
10 Camaro Convertibles (Pace Car replicas)

8hspace.gif (810 bytes)40 Vehicles approximately 25 of which will be Pace Car replicas and the others, Station Wagons and Impala Sedans or Coupes. Nankivell Chevrolet, 3800 South U.S. #31, Indianapolis, will receive and make ready 19 Camaros and all five Station Wagons.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)Bill Kuhn Chevrolet, 1045 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indianapolis, will receive and make ready 24 Camaros. All of the above vehicles are to be available for delivery to the Festival Committee on March 30. (Actual delivery April 1 a.m.-War Memorial Plaza.)
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)The three actual Pace Cars have been ordered for delivery to Chevrolet Engineering where they will be conditioned for delivery and prepared for their use as Pace Cars. These three units will be re-shipped by Traffic to the Speedway, to be delivered on or before April 24.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)The servicing dealers will be paid the regular dealer delivery and handling charge for conditioning these units for delivery. In addition, each unit will be personally inspected and road-tested by a member of this committee and, if not satisfactory, out-of-line conditions will be corrected and an individual repair order written on each unit. The zone purchase order will cover any miscellaneous labor other than conditioning for delivery, which requires the use of dealership personnel. This will take care of the affixing of decals, attaching of license plates, vehicle identification numbers and so forth.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)Mr. John Hail of Campbell Ewald, Detroit will work with the decal supplier and be responsible for affixing the proper decals to the various vehicles.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)The only thing that was not thoroughly discussed were the flags required on the ten fire trucks and the three Pace Cars. These flags will require special brackets. It was the Zone's intention when they were handling this program to have the brackets made by the Chevrolet truck body plant which is located in Indianapolis. If you wish to explore this source Bill Gerrard Indianapolis can give you the name of his contact at the plant. The brackets must be well built since they must withstand the wind resistance that is created by high speed travel. I am sure the brackets for the Camaro will have to be specially designed for proper fit. These will have to be chromed.

'500' Festival Committee Vehicles
43 Camaros: 1-43

Speedway Vehicles
Camaros:49-58 Pace Cars: 78-80

8hspace.gif (810 bytes)Additional vehicle identification numbers 81 and above will be reserved for brass hat cars. The three official Pace Cars together with the ten 3/4 ton fire trucks must be equipped with appropriate brackets to retain metal poles on which will be affixed appropriate flags approximately 28x32. Exception: One of the three pace cars, to be determined at a later date, will be presented to the winner of the race at the Victory Banquet ceremony on May 31.


8hspace.gif (810 bytes)The Queen Coronation Banquet is a formal (black-tie) affair except that the Chevrolet official making the official presentation to the queen will be dressed in white tie and tails. Chevrolet will make the official presentation of a set of keys to her personal Camaro Convertible pace car replica (from Festival Fleet), as well as a matched set of luggage. Chevrolet will also present suitable favors to the five princesses attending the queen.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)It is suggested that Mr. R.D. Lund make the presentation of the keys to her car to the queen. Camaro No. 33 will actually have been delivered that morning.

8hspace.gif (810 bytes)Chevrolet will have a float in the parade and celebrities will ride in the Camaros. It is estimated that over 100 Camaros will be in the procession.

8hspace.gif (810 bytes)All cars will start from downtown with celebrities aboard All 43 Camaros will parade around the track with celebrities and dignitaries aboard after celebrities take their places in special reviewing sections. The Camaro Pace Car will then lead the race contestants around the track twice and the race is on. (Mr. Tony Hulman extends his personal invitation to Mr. E.M. Estes, or whomever he designates, to ride with him in the Pace Car.)


8hspace.gif (810 bytes)It is contemplated that of the recommended 40 Zone brass hat cars, approximately 25 be Pace Car replicas. Eight of these replicas should be assigned to the Chevrolet Headquarters Room at the Speedway Motel beginning May 12 through the end of the month. These cars are to be used by Chevrolet Central Office personnel.