Camaro Pace Car Replica

"It is not recorded when or where the first pacemaker...came into being."
"It appears that as early as 1907 or 1908 the Brookland race course in Surrey, England may have made the first use of a pacemaking vehicle."
"In the United States, there seems little doubt the Indianapolis Motor Speedway made the first use of a pacemaking vehicle."
"The original term for Pace Car was 'pace maker' or 'pace setter.'"

Excerpts from the book "Pace Cars of the Indy 500" by L. Spencer Riggs.


The Chevrolet Camaro has been selected to pace the Indy 500 four times since its introduction, in 1967, 1969, 1982, and 1993.
Chevrolet didn't get much marketing mileage out of the '67 pace car, building only 100 (maybe as many as 500!) or so in addition to the three actual pace cars and the 78 festival and speedway cars. The extra cars were used as press and promotional vehicles, and the general public had only a limited chance to own one.
In 1969 there were also three actual pace cars, two for the race and one to be given to the winner, as in 1967. There were also 130 pace car replicas, mostly 350 automatics, and a few 396 big block cars. Chevrolet decided to make the most of the publicity surrounding the race and created Regular Production Option (RPO) Z11, which allowed anyone to order a pace car replica beginning in February, 1969. Chevy sold 3,675 of these cars, as well as a few hundred Z10 pace car hardtops.
In 1982 Chevrolet built a similar number of pace cars for the race, and sold 6,360 pace car replicas under RPO 1FP87, which you might recognize as the RPO for the Z/28 option, which the package was based on since there was no longer an SS model. When the 4th generation Camaro debuted in 1993 it also paced the Indy 500, the fourth Camaro and the ninth Chevrolet to do so, both records. Chevrolet sold 633 pace cars replicas to the public, making the '93 the second rarest of the pace car family.
Eventually I hope to provide complete information about the '82 and '93 pace cars on this site, but for now you can explore the '67 and the '69. You can see a sweet '93 Pace Car on Clint Thompson's page.