1967 RPO Codes


  • Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder: 53,523
  • Convertible, 6-cylinder: 5,285
  • Sport Coupe, 8--cylinder: 142,242
  • Convertible, 8-cylinder: 19,856
  • Total Camaro Production: 220,906


1967 Engine Suffix Numbers

LA=MT/230cid MA=MT/327cid
LB=MT/AC/230cid ME=AT/327cid
LC=CE/230cid MF=AT/CE/327cid
LD=CE/AC/230cid MD=MT/327cid
LE=AT/220cid ML=CE/327cid
LF=AT/AC/230cid MN=AT/327cid
LG=AT/CE/130cid MN=AT/CE/327cid
LH=AT/CE/AC/230cid MS=MT/350cid
LN=MT/250cid MT=CE/350cid
LO=MT/CE/250cid MU=AT/350cid
LP =CE/250cid MV =AT/CE/350cid
LQ =CE/AC/250cid E1=HP/396cid
FM=AT/250cid EQ=HP/AT/396cid
FR=AT/AC/250cid EY=HP/CE/396cid
GP=AT/CE/250cid MQ=SP/396cid
GQ=AT/CE/AC/250cid MR=SP/CE/396cid
MD=MT/283cid MW=MT/AT/396cid
MJ =AT/283cid MX =CE/396cid
MO=SE/302cid MY=AT/396cid
MP=CE/283cid MZ=AT/CE/396cid


  • MT=Manual Transmission
  • AT=Automatic Transmission
  • AC=Air Conditioning
  • CE=California Emissions
  • HP=High Performance
  • SP=Special High Performance
  • SE=Special Engine (Z28)


RPO Description # Sold Retail $
12337 Camaro Sport Coupe; 230-cid, 140-hp, 6cyl 53,523 2,466.00
12367 Camaro Convertible; 230cid, 140-hp, 6-cyl 5,285 2,704.00
12437 Camaro Sport Coupe; 327cid, 210-hp, V-8 142,242 2,572.00
12467 Camaro Convertible; 327-cid, 210-hp, V-8 19,856 2,809.00
AL4 Seat, Strato-back; front (not available with convertible or center console) 6,583 26.35
AS1 Belts, Front Shoulder; driver and passenger, standard type for use with standard seat belts 477 23.20
AS2 Headrests, Strato-Ease; driver and passenger 2,342 52.70
A01 Glass; Soft Ray tinted, all windows 34,725 30.55
A02 Glass; Soft Ray tinted, windshield only 81,998 21.10
A31 Windows; power 4,957 100.10
A39 Belts, Seat; Custom Deluxe front and rear 51,247 6.35
A67 Seat; folding rear 17,993 31.60
A85 Belts, Custom Deluxe; front shoulder, driver and passenger (Custom Deluxe seat belts or appearance guard group required) 894 26.35
B37 Mats; color-keyed floor, two front and two rear 23,747 10.55
B93 Guards; door edge 37,964 3.20
C06 Top, Power Convertible; white, black, or blue 11,783 52.70
C08 Roof Cover, Vinyl; black or beige (Sport Coupe only) 52,455 73.75
C48 Heater and Defroster; deletion credit 2,201 -31.65
C50 Defroster; rear window; (Sport Coupe only) 7,031 21.10
C60 Air Conditioning; includes 61 amp Delcotron, heavy-duty radiator and temperature controlled radiator fan (power steering recommended) 28,226 356.00
C80 Axle, Positraction; rear 31,792 42.15
C94 Axle; non-standard ratio (3.31:1) 1,177 2.15
C96 Axle; non-standard ratio (3.55:1) 6,322 2.15
C97 Axle; non-standard ratio (2.73:1) 539 2.15
D33 Mirror; left outside remote-control 8,630 9.50
D55 Console; includes floor-mounted shift lever, compartment and ashtray (not available on 295-hp with standard transmission) 129,477 47.40
D91 Band; front end accent; (included when 295-hp, 325-hp, or 375-hp engine is ordered) 24,370 14.75
F41 Suspension; special purpose front and rear, includes special front and rear springs and matching shock absorbers 5,968 10.55
H01 Axle; non-standard ratio (3.07:1) 560 2.15
H05 Axle; non-standard ratio (3.7):1) 2,281 2.15
J52 Brakes; vacuum power 24,549 42.15
J52 Brakes; front dise (not available with metallic brakes) 14,899 79.00
J56 Brakes; heavy-duty front disc with metallic rear brakes (Z28 Special Performance Package required) 205 105.35
J65 Brakes; special metallic facing (295-hp, 325-hp, or 375-hp engine required) 1,217 36.90
K02 Fan; temperature controlled, V-8 only (included with air conditioning and 302-cid engine) 2,375 15.80
K19 GM Air Injector Reactor; approved by the state of California for vehicle registration (closed engine positive ventilation required) 34,096 44.75
K24 Ventilation; closed engine positive 34,503 5.25
K30 Speed and Cruise Control; Cruise-Master (automatic transmission required, V-8 only) 305 50.05
K76 Generator; 61-amp Delcotron (included when air conditioning is ordered) 136 21.10
K79 Generator; 42-amp Delcotron (not available with air conditioning) 362 10.55
L22 Engine; 155-hp Turbo Thrift 250-cid 6-cyI 38,165 26.35
L30 Engine; 275-hp Turbo Fire 327-cid V-8 25,287 92.70
L35 Camaro SS; includes special hood and ornaments, front header panel paint stripes, underhood insulation, special nylon red stripe tires, 14x6 wheels, suspension features, fender SS emblems and SS emblems on radiator grille and gas filler cap; with 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396-cid engine 1,003 263.30
L48 Camaro SS; with 295-hp Turbo-Fire 350-cid engine 29,270 210.65
L78 Camaro SS; with 375-hp Turbo-Jet 396-cid engine 1,138 500.30
M11 Shift Lever; floor mounted (3-speed transmission and 6-cyl or 327-cid V-8 required; included when center console is ordered) 12,051 10.55
M13 Transmission; special 3-speed (350-cid or 396-cid engine required) 681 79.00
M20 Transmission; 4-speed wide range (not available with 375-hp aluminum head engine) 45,802 184.35
M21 Transmission; 4-speed close-ratio (requires 302-cid, 350-hp, or 375-hp engine) 1,733 184.35
M35 Transmission; Powerglide automatic with 6-cyl (also available for $194.85 with V-8's except 396-cid and 302-cid engines) 122,727 184.35
M40 Transmission; Turbo Hydra-Matic (325-hp engine required) 1,453 226.45
NI0 Exhaust System; dual (for 327-cid engine models) 6,722 21.10
N30 Steering Wheel; deluxe ($4.25 with Custom Interior) 30,967 7.40
N33 Steering Wheel; Comfortilt (optional transmission or console required) 7,980 42.15
N34 Steering Wheel; sports-styled, walnut-grained plastic 8,065 31.60
N40 Steering, Power 92,181 84.30
N44 Steering, Special; includes quick-response steering (requires power steering when air conditioning or 325-hp engine is ordered) 6,155 15.80
N61 Exhaust System; dual with deep-tone mufflers; for 210-hp or 275-hp engine (no charge for SS models) 3,748 21.10
N96 Wheel Covers; (4) mag-style (not available with disc brakes) 6.630 73.75
PQ2 Tires; 7.35x14, 2-ply nylon white stripe (no charge with SS models) 10,913 52.00
PW6 Tires; D70x14, 2-ply nylon red stripe (standard with SS models) 8,330 62.50
P01 Wheel Covers; (4) bright metal (not available with disc brakes) 137,163 21.10
P02 Wheel Covers; (4) simulated wire (not available with disc brakes) 6,577 73.75
P12 Wheels; (5) 14x6 (included when 295-hp, 325-hp, or 375-hp engine or nylon tires are ordered) 3,667 5.30
P58 Tires; 7.35x14, 2-ply whitewall, original equipment 138,998 31.35
T60 Battery; heavy duty 7,964 7.40
U03 Horn; tri-volume (Sport Coupe only) 1,580 13.70
U15 Speed Warning Indicator 3,698 10.55
U17 Instrumentation, Special; includes ammeter, temperature, oil pressure, fuel gauges, and electric clock mounted on console; fuel level indicator light and tachometer mounted in instrument panel cluster (console required; not available with stereo tape system; V-8 only) 27,078 79.00
U25 Light; luggage compartment 24,787 2.65
U26 Light; underhood 22,965 2.65
U27 Light; glove compartment (included when Custom Interior package is ordered) 11,032 2.65
U28 Light; ash tray 25,538 1.65
U29 Lights; courtesy(Sport Coupe only) 23,691 4.25
U35 Clock, Electric; floor-mounted (included when Special Instrumentation is ordered; not available with stereo tape system) 13,185 15.80
U57 Stereo Tape System; mounted below heater, includes four speakers (not available with air conditioning, Special Instrumentation, or radio with rear speaker) 2,746 128.50
U63 Radio; pushbutton AM 174,021 57.40
U69 Radio; pushbutton AM-FM 6,232 133.80
U73 Antenna; rear manual (not available with AM-FM radio) 32,223 9.50
U80 Speaker; rear seat, for use with Foundation Group (not available with stereo tape system) 27,701 13.20
V01 Radiator; heavy duty (included with air conditioning; not available with 325-hp or 375-hp engine) 6,190 10.55
V31 Guard; front bumper 5,154 12.65
V32 Guard; rear bumper 35,029 9.50
Z21 Style Trim Group; includes body side paint stripes, front and rear wheel opening moldings, and bright roof drip gutter moldings (Style Trim Group for convertibles costs $29.50 and excludes gutter moldings) 79,016 40.05
Z22 Rally Sport Package; includes front valance mounted parking lights, electrically operated headlight doors, body lower side moldings, body side paint stripes, front and rear wheel opening moldings, roof drip gutter moldings (Sport Coupe only), black painted taillight bezels, rear valance mounted back-up lights, special grille styling and "RS" emblems on radiator grille, fender and gas filler cap 64,842 105.35
Z23 Special Interior Group; includes bright trimmed pedal pads, bright windshield pillar moldings, and bright roof rail moldings (Special Interior Group for convertibles costs $5.30 and excludes gutter moldings) 74,648 10.55
Z28 Special Performance Package; includes 302cid V-8 engine, closed positive ventilation, dual exhaust with deep tone mufflers, special front and rear suspension, heavy-duty radiator and temperature controlled fan, quick ratio steering, 15x6-inch wheels, 7.35x15 nylon red stripe tires, 3.73:1 ratio axle and special paint stripes on hood and rear deck (requires 4-speed close ratio transmission, power brakes, front disc brakes or HD front disc brakes with metallic rear brakes; positraction recommended; Sport Coupe V-8 only) 602 358.10
Special Performance Package; with plenum air intake including special air cleaner and duct systems, furnished loose 437.10
Special Performance Package; with exhaust headers, furnished loose 779.40
Special Performance Package; with plenum air intake and exhaust headers, furnished loose 858.40
Z87 Custom interior; includes color-keyed accent bands on seats, molded front door armrests with recessed door handles, glove compartment light, molded luggage compartment mat, and deluxe styled steering wheel; also includes roof sail panel lamps, rear armrests with ashtray on Sport Coupe 69,103 94.80
Feature Group; appearance guard, includes color keyed (2) front and (2) rear floor mars, front and rear bumper guards, door edge guards and custom deluxe seat belts 42.25
Feature Group; auxiliary lighting, includes three or more of the following items: 1. courtesy lights, 2. underhood lights, 3. ashtray light, 4. luggage light, 5. glove compartment light
Convertible with Custom Interior (2,3,4) 6.90
Convertible without Custom Interior (2,3,4,5) 9.55
Sport Coupe with Custom Interior (1,2,3,4) 11.15
Sport Coupe without Custom Interior(1,2,3,4,5) 13.80
Foundation Group; includes pushbutton radio and electric clock 73.20
Operating Convenience Group; including left outside remote-control rearview mirror and rear window defroster (Sport Coupe only) 30.60


  • Prices shown were introductory retail and included factory and dealer delivery and handling. They did not include transportation, or state and local taxes.
  • Not all options shown were available at the start of production, or simultaneously. For instance, RPO-J56, RPO-M 11, RPO-Z28 were all late introductions.
  • When no quantity is shown, it is generally included in the other listings. For instance, several variations of the RPO-Z28 option were available, but the 602 quantity is the total of all combinations sold.
  • Chevrolet records also indicate the following sales: RPO-AL5 Deluxe Rear Center Seat Belts (nine sets sold), RPO-A68 Standard Rear Center Seat Belts (six sets sold), and RPO-P67 6.95x14 whitewall tires (eight sets sold).


Code Exterior Soft Top Stripes Suggested Interiors
AA Tuxedo Black BIk-W-MB W G-B-Blk-T-R-BB-PB-Y
CC Ermine White Blk-W-MB Blk G-B-Blk-T-R-BB-PB-Y
DD Nantucket Blue BIL-W-MB W B-BIk-BB-PB
EE Deepwater Blue Blk-W-MB W B-Blk-BB-PB
FF Marina Blue Blk-W-MB W-Blk B-Blk-BB-PB
GG Grenada Gold Blk-W-MB Blk G-Blk-PB-Y
HH Mountain Green Blk-W-MB Blk Blk-PB
KK Emerald Turquoise Blk-W-MB Blk Blk-T-PB
LL Tahoe Turquoise BI1(-W-MB W Blk-T-PB
MM Royal Plum Blk-W-MB W Blk-PB
NN Madeira Maroon Blk-W-MB W G-Blk-R-PB
RR Bolero Red Blk-W-MB W-Blk Blk-R-PB
SS Sierra Fawn Blk-W-MB Blk G-Blk-PB-Y
TT Capri Cream Blk-W-MB Blk G-Blk-PB-Y
YY Butternut Yellow Blk-W-MB Blk Blk-T-PB-Y


  • Interior-exterior combinations shown were recommended by Chevrolet as being the most attractive, but any combination could be ordered.
  • Standard bucket seat interiors available in G, B, Blk, and R. Standard bench seat interiors available in G, Blk, and BB. Custom bucket seat interiors availablein G, Blk, T, R, BB, PB, and Y. Custom bench seat interiors available in G, Blk, and BB. Bench seats were not available in convertibles.
  • All seating was vinyl.
  • Marina Blue (FF) and Bolero Red (RR) exterior SS models came with white stripes except with black vinyl or black convertible tops when the stripes were black.
  • Vinyl tops were available in Black or Beige.


Interior Codes Abbreviations:
  • 709=G/SB
  • 717=B/SB
  • 760=Blk/SB
  • 741=R/SB
  • 796=G/SBh
  • 739=B/SBh
  • 756=Blk/SBh
  • 711=G/CB
  • 765=Blk/CB
  • 779=T/CB
  • 742=R/CB
  • 732=BB/CB
  • 797=PB/CB
  • 707=Y/CB
  • 796=G/CBh
  • 739=B/CBh
  • 756=Blk/CBh
  • G=Gold
  • B=Blue
  • Blk=Black
  • T=Turquoise
  • R=Red
  • BB=Bright Blue
  • PB=Parchment/Black
  • Y=Yellow
  • W=White
  • MB-Medium Blue
  • SB=Standard Bucket
  • SBh=Standard Bench
  • CB=Custom Interior Bucket
  • CBh=Custom Interior Bench.