Decoding your VIN

(Vehicle Identification Number)


The VIN tag carries the unique identification number for your Camaro. On 1967 models the tag is located inside the drivers side door jam. In 1968 the tag moved to the driver's side of the dash where it can be read through the windshield. The VIN is suprisingly easy to decode.

The tag in the above example reads 124379N700009 and it decodes as follows:

100.gif (821 bytes) 1 - General Motors Division- 1=Chevrolet Motor Division
2 - Car Series- 2=Camaro
4- Engine- 4=8-cylinder (3=6-cylinder)
37 - Body Style- 37=coupe (67=convertible)
9 - Model Year- 9=1969
N - Assembly Plant- N=Norwood, Ohio (L=Los Angeles)
700009- Unit Number- This number started at 500,000 at both plants in 1969, so this was the 200,009th Camaro built at Norwood in 1969. In 1967 the Unit Number started at 100,000 and in '68 it started at 300,000.

That's all there is to it!