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If you're serious about first generation Camaros, you need these!

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Here is a list of good reference books. You can now order most of these books right off this page from Amazon. Just click on the title of the book to order.

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Camaro, Untold Secrets
Wayne D. Guinn
Motorbooks, International
ISBN 0-87938-527-8

Wayne D. Guinn traces the development of the high performance Camaro pieces, such as the crossram intake and the four-wheel disc brake setup. Wayne brings you the real story from the people who made it happen - Chevrolet engineers Bill Howell, Gib Hufstader, Jerry Thompson, Paul Prior, Rom Sperry, and Bill Preston from the Penske race team. This is a really fascinating book.
Also, don't miss the Camaro, Untold Secrets Web Site!

Camaro, Chevy's Classy Chassis
Ray Miller
Evergreen Press
ISBN 0-913056-10-3

The book that started it all! First published in 1981, Ray Miller recognized the classic potential while the 2nd generation cars were still rolling off the line. Many documentary photographs cover 1967-1981. However, because this book was written before so much exhaustive research was done into the history of the Camaro small errors are present. For example, the book states that the 1970 model Camaro was a continuation of the 69 body style, and the 2nd generation car is technically a '70 1/2 model. This was a popular myth, but incorrect. All 1969 body style cars were classified as 1969 models, both in the documentation and in legal registration. All the first year 2nd generation cars are 1970 models.

Big Book of Camaro Data, 1967-1973
John R. Hooper
Motorbooks, International
ISBN 0-87938-973-7

John R. Hooper is an acknowleged expert on Camaros. He is a member of the United States Camaro Club as well as a certified Camaro Judge. This book covers standard and optional equipment, model descriptions, trim tag data, Protecto-Plate data, and parts codes.

Catalog of Camaro ID Numbers
Cars & Parts Magazine
Amos Press Inc.
ISBN 1-880524-15-5

This book was compiled by the staff of Cars & Parts Magazine. It includes numbers for decoding paint, trim, engine and other parts codes, and much more.

The 1969 Camaro Reference Book
John R. Hooper
J&D Publications

The ultimate story of the Camaro. From base car to pace car, this book covers them all. Also by John Hooper, The 1967-1968 Camaro Reference Book. Both these books appear to have been self-published, and have no ISBN. You can usually find them at Camaro restoration suppliers, such as Classic Industries and Year One.

Chevrolet By The Numbers 1965-1969
Alan L. Colvin
Robert Bently Inc.
ISBN 0-876-0956-9

This book teaches you how to identify and verify all V-8 drivetrain parts, for small and big blocks, on all passenger cars. This is a very comprehensive book.
Also available:
Chevrolet By The Numbers 1955-1959
Chevrolet By The Numbers 1960-1964

Chevrolet By The Numbers 1970-1975

The Definitive 1967-1968 Camaro Z/28 Fact Book
Jerry MacNeish
ISBN 0-962-6399-0-7

This is the newly revised second edition of this excellent reference work. If it's on the car it's in this book!

The Definitive 1969 Camaro Z/28-SS396 Fact Book
Jerry MacNeish
ISBN 0-9626399-1-5

This book is very informative, and is the only one I've seen which includes ECL (Exception Control Letter) Codes. These are the codes that appear before the RPO code on the window sticker. For example, in 1967 and '68 you could get RPO Z28 four different ways:

  1. 5Z28BA: Basic Z/28 Package
  2. 5Z28BB: Z/28 Package with cowl plenum air cleaner in trunk.
  3. 5Z28BC: Z/28 Package with exhaust headers in trunk.
  4. 5Z28BD: Z/28 Package with exhaust headers and cowl plenum air cleaner in trunk.

Currently, Amazon does not stock this book, but you can get it from Camaro restoration suppliers, such as Classic Industries and Year One.

How To Restore Your Camaro
The Editors of Car Review Magazine
Dobbs Publications Incorporated
ISBN 0-941596-23-0

While fairly thin on specific information, the book is nevertheless an excellent step-by-step guide to restoring you Camaro. It's full of photos that show you clearly what is involved in this task.

The Genuine Camaro White Book 1967-1987
Michael Antonick
Michael Bruce Associates
ISBN 0-933534-24-8

Every RPO code and paint code for all years, from 1967 on. An invaluable reference. This edition is now out of print, but it's much better than the new one. If you can find a copy, grab it!

The Genuine Camaro White Book 1967-1997
Michael Antonick
Michael Bruce Associates
ISBN 0-933534-40-X

This is the updated version of the original book, and it's disappointing. The layout is different, making it harder to find specific information, and for some reason a lot of info has been left out of this edition. Still, it does list every RPO, with prices, quantities, and paint codes.

The Illustrated Camaro Buyer's Guide
Michael Antonick
Motorbooks International Publishers & Wholesalers
ISBN 0-87938-895-1

Michael Antonick discusses the evolution of the Camaro from 1967 through 1994 and includes RPO lists for each year. Thanks to Graham O'Daniel for pointing out my omission!

The 1969 Camaro Factory Assembly Instruction Manual
General Motors

This is the manual the factory used to put the car together in the first place. If you plan on taking your Camaro apart you will need this to put it back together again. This book does not have an ISBN, but you can get it from Camaro restoration suppliers, such as Classic Industries and Year One.

Here is a list of some other Camaro books available through Amazon. I haven't read all of them, but they may have some good info.

Camaro & Firebird Performance Handbook Peter C. Sessler
Chevrolet SS Muscle Car Red Book/Camaro, Chevelle, Impala, and Monte Carlo, 1961-1973 Peter C. Sessler
Camaro/Firebird : Performance and Handling Guide : How to Fine-Tune Your Car for Maximum Muscle 1967-86 Peter C. Sessler
Camaro (Enthusiast Color) William G. Holder
Camaro : Chevy's Fast Friend (Cool Classics) Jay Schleifer
Camaro : Style, Speed, and Spirit James M. Flammang
Camaro City Alan Sternberg

These next four books are compilations of magazine articles. Very good!
Chevrolet Camaro SS & Z-28, 1966-1973 R. M. Clarke
Camaro Muscle Portfolio, 1967-1973 R. M. Clarke
Camaro : 1966-1970 R.M. Clarke
Camaro Muscle Cars, 1966-72 R.M. Clarke

Chilton's Repair and Tune-Up Guide : Camaro, 1967-81 Chilton
Camaro Richard Landsworth
Camaro Nicky Wright
Camaro Restoration Guide : 1967-1969 (Authentic Restoration) Jason Scott
Camaro! from Challenger to Champion, the Complete History Gary L. Witzenburg
Camaro 1967-1969 Fact Book Dobbins, Icremona
Camaro 1967-1981 Includes Z28 Shop Manual Jim Combs
Camaro : service, repair handbook, all models, 1967-1975 Jim Combs
Camaro 66-84 Collector's Guide Richard Langworth
Camaro : Three Generations of Premier Performance Cars Martyn L. Schorr
Camaro Book (C451Ae) Michael Lamm
Chevrolet Camaro : automotive repair manual John B. Raffa
Chevrolet Camaro owners workshop manual John B. Raffa
Chevy V-8S : Chevrolet, Chevelle, Nova, Camaro, Monte Carlo : An Enthusiast's Guide & History 1955-1986 Terry V. Boyce
The Illustrated Camaro Recognition Guide John R. Hooper


And a few to avoid...

Camaro Restoration Tips & Techniques
Compiled from Hot Rod Magazine

It's not that this is a bad book. On the contrary, it's a very good book, but it's not about Camaro restoration. Almost all the chapters, which are reprints of magazine articles, deal with modifying your Camaro - adding rear discs from a second generation Trans Am, aftermarket urethane swaybar bushings, etc. Strictly speaking, this book is useless for someone who is restoring a Camaro.

Richard Carlyon

A truly useless book, filled with errors, half-truths, and pictures of wild modified Camaros that are represented as stock. Here you will find such gems as the secret of the Z/28 name - it was taken from the 283 Chevy used for SCCA racing! The SS and RS both had hidden headlights, and the SS had a hood bulge dot_clear.gif (46 bytes)"to accomodate the extra power."dot_clear.gif (46 bytes) The Z/28 had "dual exhaust ports."dot_clear.gif (46 bytes)
In this book, Carlyon proves that he doesn't know his Camaro from a hole in the ground. Save your money.