Your Engine and Parts Codes

How to decode the good stuff


8hspace.gif (810 bytes)All the major drivetrain components have a casting number and/or a Chevrolet part number. This section will help you identify and decode these numbers. Note: only parts which were originally intended for use in 1967 - 1969 Camaros are included here. If you have non-original parts you may not find the code you are looking for. If this happens, you must immediately run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore for a copy of "Chevrolet By The Numbers" by Alan Colvin. You will find codes for everything Chevy ever made in these books. Get more info on this and other reference works on the Books Page.
8hspace.gif (810 bytes)Also, at this time, the engine codes apply to V8 engines only. I hope to be able to provide codes for six cylinder engines in the future.

Alternator Axle Block Camshaft Carburetor
Connecting Rod Crankshaft Cylinder Head Differential Distributor
Exhaust Manifold Intake Manifold Piston Transmission Water Pump